02 Jan 2015

The End of a Great Year in Web Development (Version 3!)

2013 and 2014 has given us a magnitude of new insight in regards to our projects, idea creation, and client integrations. This year was a pure slam dunk, and we wanted to thank all of the people we have got in touch (acquaintances and business partners) with along the way.

FIVE 2013 and 2014 TAKEAWAYS

Every year I like to sit back and digest the positive and stressful events, and take the time to think about these events outside the box. What did we do well? What could we improve on? What did we like to do this year versus the last? How can we continue to grow our client relationships? Here are few things that stood out to me, and some others my team has mentioned as well especially:

  1. Connect with people on a personal level. We are currently in a digital age where there seems to be a growing disconnect with personal connectivity. We always strive to create engaging, memorable web experiences for our clients, but how can we make those experiences more personal to our clients’ audience? Striving to connect on a personal, individual level with your audience is something every marketing agency wants, but few lack the ability to engage correctly. This year we have been involved in numerous large projects (white-labeled), which really let us sit back and digest how people directly interface with engaging experiences. What did they like? What didn’t they like? What could be improved on? We were lucky to have the opportunity to get feedback on this, and we are happy we did.
  2. Find the right developers the first time around. This is a huge one for us this year. We are happy to report that we have successfully helped out four mid-sized agencies that were “stuck in ruts” with their previous developers/development vendors. This has proved to us that not only can we do what we claim to do (which is great of course!) but that we can jump into situations and take control of developmental issues very rapidly. I mentioned before that we pride ourselves in the fact that we are a highly efficient and structured team, and that pride grew tremendously this year!
  3. The best clients you get are your friends. Not saying you should pick up the phone and give your college roommate a call to do business with (some of us know how that may go!) but I think everyone understands what friends are. I have met a few agency partners this year that we have got very close with. Either of us are able to pick up the phone and just say “Hi” rather than just discuss only business. Some agencies like having a little more “relaxed” conversations, and we have been quite receptive of that this year. Currently, there is not a better situation for us than the ability to pick up the phone and chat with our clients, catch up on the latest and greatest they are working on, and have small talks about current and/or future projects.
  4. Office politics will get you nowhere, quickly. One of the main rules we have here at Revolution is check any egos at the door. There are no “game players” or “ladder climbers” here. In my previous history being a developer myself, too many a time did I see this get in the way of accomplishing great things. Having a team that are all on board with that philosophy this year, I have grown to find that it makes working much easier! We are all here to have fun, work together, and be a team.
  5. Finding great clients is sometimes very hard. When starting Revolution Development I wanted to hand pick the places I reached out to, because Iwanted to do business with them. I am happy to report that every client we have done business with this year I have hand picked, or they have reached out to us. One thing that one of my developers said this year struck a little close to home in regard to that, and that was “I have always worked for companies that just seem to pile in work that no one wants to do here”. This is the exact reason we make sure that the clients reach out to us, and the ones we reach out to, are the ones we want to do business with.

That wraps it up! We send our best wishes to all of our clients for the closing of this spectacular year. We are so happy to have grown with you!

All the best,

Revolution Development

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